scarred-frontScarred (a novella)

Warning: This romance contains dark themes and is considered to be in the dark romance genre, though mild compared to some novels in the genre.

Logan Harrison is wealthy, successful, extremely good looking, focused, kind, and has the husband bug. The total male package for any woman. Missing from his perfect life he has made for himself…a wife and kids. The problem is he can’t find what he wants living in Vegas. Logan meets the woman of his dreams at, of all places, a bachelor party. Logan wants her from the moment he watches the woman walk into the room.

Rachel Ryan is a player. A beautiful player, breaking hearts and not thinking twice about it. She won’t be tied down by a relationship and suffer the hurt that comes with the commitment. That is, until she meets Logan and he forces himself into her life. Rachel tries to convince herself she can’t fall for Logan Harrison. Rachel’s past won’t allow her to be the entire package Logan desires. When Rachel finally realizes she may be head-over-heels for Logan, and can’t give him what he wants, she loses herself in self-destruction.

Rachel’s past, which has made her who she is, haunts her and when Logan learns the truth about that past, his dreams are shattered. Within forty-eight hours, thoughtless choices and decisions make their bleak future a past novelty.

**Warning: Contains violent, graphic scenes. This romance has dark themes. Not suitable for under 18 years old.

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