Media Kit

Media Kit

Thank you so much for your interest in posting about my novels. If you don’t find what you need for your media purpose, please feel free to contact me at Just click on the name of the file below that you’re interested in having the media kit information.

Thank you!

~Casey Clipper


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Heist blurb

Damage blurb

gamble blurb

Silent Love blurb

Unexpected Love blurb

Dangerous Love blurb

Taken Love blurb

The Boss’s Love Blurb

Fire blurb

Snow blurb

Ice blurb

Rain blurb

Wind Blurb

Scarred Blurb


gamble-final-02 heist-final-02damage-final2b-02final1-02unexpected-love-final2-02final2-02final3-02the boss's love anniversary editionquinn-final-firequinn-snow-final-02quinn3-finalrainwindquinn-print-final_03scarred-frontthe love series teaser 2tbl teaser 6