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From the author of the international bestselling The Love Series, Contemporary Romance Author Casey Clipper, comes a new contemporary romance series like no other:

Heist - (The Men of Law, book 1)

Jason Campbell and his team are on a mission. To find the jewelry thief that has hit every store in their town. They have zero leads as their cagey burglar uses equipment and uncanny skills to prevent the detectives from gaining ground in the case that has dragged on far too long. Jasonʼs endless hours working this case are taking a toll. He has no life outside of his job. His nights are spent alone in a cold bed with dreams of a faceless bandit haunting him. And yes, their suspect is a woman clearly toying with law enforcement.

Hannah Lakely is doing whatever it takes to survive. After escaping from the men who her parents owe money, she vows never to be put in a vulnerable position to be injured again. Those men favor giving their warnings by breaking bones. Specifically hers, despite the fact itʼs her parents owing the cash. Hannah does what is necessary for a woman with no high school diploma, no college education, no skill set, and in need of a large sum of money immediately to pay off her parentsʼ debt. But no matter how many times sheʼs paid off the cash, her parents continue to borrow from the sharks, forcing her to maintain her life of crime. An empty life with no one to count on except for her only friend/conspirator, who worries for her safety. Sheʼs alone in the world, always looking over her shoulder for the mob or law enforcement, afraid of the day that either catches up with her.

Jasonʼs life of non-committed relationships is one that leaves him lonely at times, but he accepts that drawback after watching two of his LEO brothers go through hell in their former marriages. Why does he need that hassle? Itʼs difficult enough to find a good woman, let alone one who can tolerate being in a relationship with a detective. A law enforcement career can even test the best of couples. But Jasonʼs world is turned upside down when he literally runs into a spitfire at a grocery store. Itʼs not until the next day, when he sees her sitting at a coffee shop, that he approaches, amused by her fiery attitude. He decides to chase, smitten with the entrancing woman.

Hannah canʼt believe that sheʼs attracted the attention of law enforcement in a different manner than she ever expected. She knows she shouldnʼt play the dangerous game of going on a date with this officer, who's unaware of who he has pursued. But Jason wonʼt take no for an answer. When she relents, deciding to cave to the determined detective, she certainly never expects to connect to him on a physical and emotional level.

Jasonʼs personal life is settling into place with a woman heʼs unexpectedly falling in love with. Hannahʼs world is crumbling around her as she finds herself falling for a man who could put her in jail for a very long time if he finds out her secret. She tries to walk away from the life sheʼs been leading, until the mob catches up to her. Again.